Approaching Summer Heat Means Switching To Summer Uniforms

Law enforcement officers are beginning to feel the heat in warmer climates as summer approaches, and that means a changeover from the traditional poly-wool-blend uniforms to poly-cotton police uniforms in order to beat rising temperatures and maintain speed and efficiency while confronting suspects. Anchortex Uniform recommends that law enforcement uniform buyers evaluate their department’s needs in advance before the temperature increase strikes and plan ahead for the needs of our public defenders.

Boston Suburb of Watertown in Lockdown as Manhunt for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Continues

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people on Monday, police in full body armor with automatic weapons are swarming the Watertown suburb, searching door-to-door for the surviving suspect involved in the bombing, while bomb experts comb the area for possible explosives. It is a tense situation, with businesses, transportation systems, and schools closed and residents advised to stay indoors and away from doors and windows. Police are searching the Watertown area after a wild car chase in which one of the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was shot and killed after shooting and hurling explosives at pursuing officers; the other, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, escaped on foot and is still at large. One police officer was shot and wounded during the pursuit; his condition is currently unknown.

Indebted Man Takes Firefighters Hostage, Dies By Gunshot After Police Standoff

Firefighters responding to an emergency call by 55-year-old Lauren Brown complaining of chest pains in Suwanee, Georgia found themselves taken hostage at gunpoint as part of a three and a half hour standoff that ended in violence on Wednesday. He then proceeded to demand that the phone, cable, and Internet service to his home be turned back on, as they had been turned off due to nonpayment. He also demanded that police board him up in the house and fetch him a meal from a fast food restaurant. Police eventually became convinced that Brown had no intention of releasing the hostages and stormed the home. Police report that Brown opened fire as they entered, wounding one officer, but that they returned fire, killing Brown. It is still unclear as to why Brown decided to take hostages in the first place, although his substantial debts and the foreclosure of his home and termination of services seems to be the most likely motive.

Battlefield Technology Becomes Urban Law Enforcement Technology

Two eleven-pound battery-operated drone helicopters are being added to the tools at the disposal of the Arlington Police Department, intended for use in damage assessment and search operations as well as for complex crime scene investigation and tactical operations. These helicopters must remain within line of sight of the pilot at all times and must stay lower than 400 feet from the ground, per FAA regulations, and are only to be operated by licensed pilots. The Arlington pilot program has been working to develop standards for law enforcement use of drone helicopters since 2011, both for purposes of public safety and individual privacy.

Major General Collyar Announces ‘Lots of Money’ Left After Sequester

Army Major General Lynn A. Collyar, former director of the Defense Logistics Agency and current head of the Army’s Aviation and Missile Command, was part of a panel discussion with several industry representatives on “Optimizing the Global Supply Chain” at the Association of the U.S. Army’s Winter Symposium last Saturday.

The former head of Army logistics tried to assure a nervous audience of defense industry executives that the expectation of massive budget cuts was “not all doom and gloom” with an expected remaining budget of almost $500 billion for military expenditures. “That’s a lot of money,” Collyar said of the budget. “We can’t afford to just throw money around, but there is still a lot of money out there.”

The three executives who sat on the panel stressed the urgency of the “brand new reality” faced by a step-down of military activity and put out a request for “more affordable” methods to “execute the missions we have within the budgets we’re given.” How this affects military readiness for future conflicts remains to be seen.

Ban on Women in Combat Lifted

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta announced yesterday a lifting of the ban on female military servicemembers in combat roles, with plans to open most jobs to women by May 15th. Senior commanders will have until January 2016 to ask for exceptions. View the full story here.

Housecat Drafted Into Prison Smuggling Operations

This smuggler housecat was 'detained' attempting to sneak into a prison in Brazil.

This smuggler housecat was ‘detained’ attempting to sneak into a prison in Brazil.

For those who thought being in the correctional industry couldn’t get any stranger, this is a reminder that humans aren’t the only things that have to be searched upon attempting to enter prison grounds. Guards at the prison of Arapiraca were surprised to witness a white cat with tape wrapped around its body passing through the main gate of the prison. Upon further examination, they discovered that the feline had been carrying a saw, drills, a mobile phone, a phone charger, a memory card, an earphone, and batteries. The cat was temporarily ‘detained’ to remove the contraband items, and was then discharged to an animal disease center to receive medical care. Currently, all of the prison inmates at Arapiraca are suspect of complicity in the smuggling operation, as the cat was unable to give information regarding its intended destination. In the words of a prison spokesperson, “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action as the cat doesn’t speak.”

Welcome to 2013 from Anchortex Corporation!

2013 means a new year of challenges, opportunities, and a new budget for those necessary equipment expenditures you’ve been putting off until next year. With the winter cold settling in, if you haven’t already gotten yourself some of our wonderful Refrigiwear coats, boots, and gloves, now is an excellent time to do so. For those of you who need to protect your workers and customers from slip and fall accidents at entranceways due to the weather, we recommend industrial matting to absorb snow and water and remove debris that would otherwise be tracked through your workplace. Don’t forget a good carpet dryer to blow-dry those wet carpets quickly and efficiently!

Thermal Monoculars and Weapon Scopes Help Law Enforcement Catch Crooks Faster

Law enforcement operatives, police SWAT teams, and border patrols have been taking advantage of thermal imaging cameras in helicopters and other support roles for years. However, technology always advances, and thermal imaging systems are now small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weigh less than a pound, while capturing high-resolution video of events as they unfold. This is obviously a significant advantage for law enforcement, as it effectively gives them the ability to see in darkened areas without making their quarry aware that they’re looking. Night vision equipment can preclude otherwise dangerous chases that might put the lives of law enforcement officers, innocent civilians, and the criminals themselves at risk, and give officers advance warning of concealed threats that could otherwise become major hazards.

While the costs of an individual unit still preclude arming every patrolman with their own FLIR monocular, surveillance task forces and sniper teams, in particular, have a unique responsibility to be able to clearly distinguish a target under any conditions, including under the cover of darkness. The continued advancement of night vision cameras and night vision optics only means that the shadows are becoming less of a safe hiding place for the criminal element.

With advances in digital optics technology, the field of night vision and thermal vision is always expanding and improving. Visit our ATN law enforcement optics page for more interesting developments!

Keep Calm and Carry On As The Mayan End Of Time Nears

With December 21st, 2012 only three weeks away, zombie apocalypse cults, ufologists, religious advocates, Red Menace marginalists, and other fringe are all expecting, not to say hoping, some sort of major calamity to occur to disrupt any remaining order and goodwill in the world. Of course, if there is really anything to worry about on that day, it will be far more from our fellow man than from any cosmic coincidences or mystical convergences. With that said, there are those who doubtlessly would prefer to keep a clear head — and be ready, ‘just in case’ things go sour. So with that in mind, let’s look at what you can do, just in case you are concerned about what might happen on December 21st, or any time you think society might break down, or just the next time a natural disaster happens upon your neighborhood.

First and foremost, you must have plans – plans for waiting out a situation, and plans for leaving if a situation is more than you can handle and you have the opportunity to evacuate. For example, trying to brave the wilderness without proper camping equipment or even a compass can be equivalent to suicide even without the threat of disaster going on. Every home, meanwhile, should have a well-stocked first aid kit, pantry, and toolbox, if only to deal with the fact that sometimes the lights go out and the phone lines get cut and people get hurt. We live in a wonderfully well-connected modern world, but that does not give us the excuse to ignore some basic tenets of self-reliance and preparation.

Second, if you are firmly convinced that the end of the world is coming and are dead set on avoiding it, pack your bags. Have everything you need in your choice of vehicles, including a fully loaded tent and backpack for yourself and each of your family members and a full tank of gas, and be prepared to take the backpack out and walk if necessary – after all, the roads might become blocked. They don’t call it the apocalypse because everything works out well for everyone, after all.

Finally, once you’re ready… relax. Watch the news and stay aware, but relax. Glibly waiting around and hoping for the end of the world really isn’t going to do you, your family, or anyone else any good and is just going to make everyone around you nervous. Decorate the Christmas tree, have a candy cane or two, watch a few Christmas specials and enjoy a cup of eggnog. On December 22nd, 2012, in all probability, the world will keep right on chugging, and you’ll have a good laugh about how worried you were — but you’ll feel better knowing that you did have things ready. Just in case.